PRINT primary command

In Print Browse, the PRINT primary command transfers the contents of the print data set to a SYSOUT class.

You specify the print data set using the PRINTDSN entry field on the Set Print Processing Options panel.

The SYSOUT class is determined by one of the following (whichever is found to exist first):
  • The class specified by SYSOUT=c in the PRINTOUT entry field on the Print Utility panel (unless this field contains a value other than SYSOUT=c)
  • Your default TSO SYSOUT class (if defined)
  • SYSOUT class A (if neither of the above apply)
Note: When you enter PRINT on the command line for any FM/Db2 panel other than the Print Browse panel, it is interpreted as the ISPF system command, PRINT, and records a snapshot of the physical screen image in the print data set.




Any Print Browse display panel

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