Looking at the print output from your FM/Db2 session

To browse, and optionally purge, the print output from your current FM/Db2 editor session held in the print data set:
  • Issue the PB primary command, or
  • Use the Print Browse utility function (3.11)

You specify the print data set using the PRINTDSN entry field on the Set Print Processing Options panel.

If you use the PB primary command or the Print Browse utility when you have not created any print output, FM/Db2 displays the message Empty print data set.

The following primary commands are available with Print Browse:
  • FIND

To select the Print Browse utility:

  1. From the Primary Option Menu panel, enter 3 (Utilities) to display the Utility Functions panel.
  2. From the Utility Functions panel, enter 11 (Print browse)
Print Browse: sample output shows an example of some printed output displayed by Print Browse.
Figure 1. Print Browse: sample output
  Process   Options   Utilities   Help
 Print Browse            SHRIKE2.FMN.LIST                          Top of 48    
 Command ===> _____________________________________________________ Scroll CSR 
                                    Record AT TOP    Col 2          Format CHAR 
****  Top of data  ****                                                         
IBM® File Manager for z/OS® Db2 Component                                         
Db2 SSID: DFG2    SQL ID: SHRIKE2     Location:         Table/View: "DSN81010"."
CH(6)  VARCHAR(12)  CH(1)   VARCHAR(15)     CH(3)    CH(4)   DATE       CH(8)   
PUN-+> <-N-+----1-> -       <-N-+----1----> <-N      <-->    <---+----> <---+-->
000010 CHRISTINE    I       HAAS            A00      3978    1965-01-01 PRES    
000020 Michael      L       THOMPSON        B01      3476    1973-10-10 MANAGER 
000030 SALLY        A       KWAN            C01      4738    1975-04-05 MANAGER 
000050 JOHN         B       GEYER           E01      6789    1949-08-17 MANAGER 
000060 IRVING       F       STERN           D11      6423    1973-09-14 MANAGER 
000070 EVA          D       PULASKI         D21      7831    1980-09-30 MANAGER 
000090 NEIL         W       HENDERSON       E11      5F98    1970-08-15 MANAGER 
000100 THEODORE     Q       SPENSER         E21      0972    1980-06-19 MANAGER 
000110 VINCENZO     G       LUCCHESI        A00      3490    1958-05-16 SALESREP
  F1=Help    F2=Split   F3=Exit    F4=Print   F5=RFind   F6=Purge   F7=Up
  F8=Down    F9=Swap   F10=Left   F11=Right  F12=Cancel

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