What's new in IBM File Manager for z/OS® 15.1

Latest service: For details of the APARs that have been addressed in each release, see Latest PTFs for IBM File Manager for z/OS.

New features and enhancements in V15.1.1

  • File Manager provides internal PL/I compilers that are used regardless of any external PL/I compiler previously installed. If you want to use File Manager view, edit, copy, print, or data create functions with a PL/I include book, you must use the runtime support provided by the Language Environment®. To discover the level of the internal PL/I compiler, you can use the SHOWPLI command from both batch and the File Manager command line. See Customizing for processing PL/I include books for more information about submitting this command.
  • FM/IMS has been enhanced to support using the IMS Data Definition Utility (DFS3ID00) to generate dynamic program specification blocks (PSBs) when IMS manages the runtime application control blocks (ACBs).

New features and enhancements in V15.1.0

  • The indexed search provides a way to perform a fast search across one or more partitioned data sets. The results are displayed in the index search report containing the list of matching words, the number of lines where the word occurs, the number of data sets containing occurrences of the word, and the number of members. See Indexed search for more information about how to set up and use the indexed search facility..
  • Improved the usability and task orientation of the documentation that explains how File Manager can use FM/CICS to access CICS resources from different environments. The documentation has been reworked and reorganized, and a checklist clearly defines the steps based on the environment. For more information, see Preparing to access CICS resources from File Manager.
  • Two new options added to the Db2® CSV Export Options panels and the DBX (Export) batch command: LEADING=YES/NO and TRAILING= YES/NO. These options specify if leading and trailing blanks within Db2 CHAR and VARCHAR columns are to be included in the CSV exported data set. By default, leading blanks are included and trailing blanks are not included. See Export Options (2 of 3) panel and DBX (Export) batch command for more information about these options.
  • FM/Db2 supports Db2® version 13.
  • New versions of CICS Transaction Server, Enterprise COBOL, Enterprise PL/I, and Automatic Binary Optimizer are supported:
    • CICS Transaction Server for z/OS 6.1.
    • Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.4.
    • IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS 6.1.
    • Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS 2.2
  • The default value for the FM/CICS FMN3POPI option, START, is now START=TASK. In previous versions, the default value was START=BATCH. See START for the complete syntax.
  • Removed the USERLMS parameter from the LMS File Manager option in the FMN0POPI macro statement.
  • The security method using the FMNSECUR security exit has been removed from the product.