IDIUTIL control statements

The control statements are presented here in the order that helps explain their use, but the only order requirement for execution is that the LISTHF and DELETE control statements need to be preceded by one of the other control statements that populate the history file data set name set. The FILES control statement is the only one that can put more than one data set name into the set of history file data set names. All of the other control statements (apart from LISTHF, DELETE, and Exits) reset the current data set names to a single target data set name.

Values containing blanks, quotes (' or "), greater than signs (>), less than signs (<), equal signs (=), ampersands (&) or vertical bars (|) must be enclosed in single or double quotes. Any quote characters within a quoted value that are of the same type as those surrounding the value must be doubled up.

In the following syntax diagrams, either commas or blank characters are permitted as delimiters when repeating suboptions or values.