Stopping the IDIS subsystem

The IDIS subsystem can be stopped and restarted at any time.

When the IDIS subsystem is inactive (stopped), all Fault Analyzer processes continue to run, except for some DB2® catalog data access. There is also an increase in CPU and I/O usage, compared to having the IDIS subsystem running with PARM='UPDINDEX'.

Attention: Never use the CANCEL command to stop the IDIS subsystem.

To permit normal termination, use a MODIFY command to stop the IDIS subsystem by, for example: F name,STOP or P name

where name is the appropriate identifier for the MODIFY command, depending on how the IDIS subsystem was started.

If either the IDIS subsystem is not active, or if an incorrect identifier was used on the MODIFY command, MVS issues the message:
IEE341I XYZ               NOT ACTIVE
If the IDIS subsystem is already active when another attempt to start it is performed, the following message is issued to the operator console:
IDISAMAN The Fault Analyzer Subsystem is already active in jobname job-id
where jobname is the job or started task name of the currently executing IDIS subsystem and job-id is the JES job or started task ID.