User options file IDIOPTS

Fault Analyzer supports the specification of a user options file through the IDIOPTS DDname (CICS® users, see Specifying CICS options through the IDIOPTS DDname).

Here is an example of a job that uses an in-stream user-options file to override any dump suppression if program MYAPPL abends:
Figure 1. Sample job specifying user-options file
//MYJOB1   JOB  ...
  RetainDump(ALL)  /* do not suppress the dump if MYAPPL
                      abends */

The user options file must be fixed 80-byte record length format and all options must be specified within columns 1 - 71.

Note: If a user options file is found through the _IDI_OPTSFILE environment variable (see The _IDI_OPTSFILE environment variable), then no attempt is made to read options through the IDIOPTS DDname.