Setting default processing options

Many of the processing operations performed by File Manager use default values that can be set from within the FM/Db2 application. By adjusting these values, you can customize FM/Db2 so that its behavior is best suited to your needs.

When you first use FM/Db2, you will probably find that the default values for processing options (as set at the time of installation) are sufficient. As you become more familiar with working with FM/Db2, you may choose to change some of these options to better suit your needs.

You can update these default values by accessing the relevant processing option panel (for example, the FM/Db2 System Options panel, Editor Options panels, and so on). Changes are saved in your ISPF user profile for future FM/Db2 sessions. They remain in effect until you change the option again.

To access a processing option panel, use either of the following methods:

  • From the FM/Db2 Primary Option Menu panel:
    1. Select Option 0 (Settings). The Set Processing Options panel is displayed.
      Figure 1. Set Processing Options menu
      Process    Options    Utilities    Help
       FM/Db2 (DFG2)               Set Processing Options
       0  System             System options
       1  View               View options
       2  Edit               Edit options
       3  Utilities
          3.3   Copy         Copy utility options
          3.4   Object List  Object list utility options
          3.7   Export       Export utility options
          3.L   Load         Db2 LOAD utility options
          3.UL  LISTDEF      Db2 Utility LISTDEF options
          3.UO  OPTIONS      Db2 Utility OPTIONS options
          3.UT  TEMPLATE     Db2 Utility TEMPLATE options
          3.UU  Unload       Db2 Unload utility options
       Command ===>                                                                  
        F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F7=Backward  F8=Forward   F9=Swap
    2. Select the required processing options type from the menu.
      For example, to display the current FM/Db2 system options, enter 0.2 on the command line and press Enter to display the FM/Db2 System Options (1 of 3) panel.
      Note: You can navigate directly to the options panel you want by entering the path a shown on the Set Processing Options panel (such as 0.2, 3.7, and so on). Alternatively, for the system and utility options, you can enter 0 or 3 to first display the Set System Processing Options or Set Utility Processing Options panels respectively from which can then select the option you want.
  • From any FM/Db2 panel, use the Options pull-down menu to select the required processing options type:
    Figure 2. Options pull-down menu
     ──────── ┌──────────────────────────────────────┐ ────────────────────────────
     FM/Db2 (    1. Print settings                 │
              │    2. FM/Db2 system options          │
     0  Setti │    3. Job card specifications        │     User ID . : FMNUSER
     1  View  │    4. Compiler language selection    │     System ID : FMD2
     2  Edit  │    5. COBOL compiler specifications  │     Appl ID . : FMN2
     3  Utili │    6. HLASM compiler specifications  │     Version . : 15.1.0
     4  SQL   │    7. PL/I  compiler specifications  │ L   Terminal  : 3278
     5  Db2I  │    8. Temporary Data Set Allocations │     Screen  . : 1
     6  Comma │    9. Output Data Set Allocations    │     Date  . . : 2018/11/04
     X  Exit  │   10. ISPF settings                  │     Time  . . : 14:54
              │   11. Editor options                 │
              │   12. Copy utility options           │     Db2 SSID  . DFE2
              │   13. Object list utility options    │     SQL ID  . . FMNUSER   +
              │   14. Export utility options         │
              │   15. Db2 LOAD utility options       │
              │   16. Db2 Utility LISTDEF options    │
              │   17. Db2 Utility OPTIONS options    │
              │   18. Db2 Utility TEMPLATE options   │
              │   19. Db2 Unload utility options     │
     Command ===>
      F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F7=Backward  F8=Forward   F9=Swap

When you select an option processing type, File Manager displays a panel listing those options and their current values. The following notes apply to all of these option panels:

  • To change the value of an option, overtype its current value.
  • To save the options you have changed and exit the panel, press the Exit function key (F3).
  • To exit a panel without saving changes, press the Cancel function key (F12).
  • The options on these panels only affect the behavior of FM/Db2 panels.

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