Testing terminal-based applications

Use the Rational® Functional Tester Terminal-based Applications feature to create test scripts and automate your host-application test cases. You can test host attributes, host field attributes, and screen-flow through a host application. It uses terminal verification points and properties, as well as synchronization code to identify the readiness of terminal for user input.

You can use the terminal-based applications feature to perform the following tasks:
  • Store, load, and share common host configurations by using a properties file. The connection configuration can be loaded automatically through scripts, using these files.
  • Record or play back scripts against multiple host terminals.
  • Start the terminal even when you are not recording or playing back your scripts. With this function, you can interact with the host without leaving the working Eclipse environment.
  • Perform data driven testing.

For information about the Host Access Class Library (HACL) for Java APIs, see IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand Information Centerl