IBM Rational Test Workbench

Use IBM® Rational® Test Workbench to create, modify, and run different kinds of tests and to organize test assets. The various components of Rational® Test Workbench are described below.

Note: The components in Rational® Test Workbench can be combined with Rational® Performance Test Server and Rational® Test Virtualization Server into a solution called Rational® Solution for Test Automation.

Rational® Functional Tester

Use the Functional Test perspective in Rational® Functional Tester to automate functional tests of HTML, Java, Windows, .NET, Visual Basic, Silverlight, Eclipse, SAP, Siebel, Flex, Ajax, Dojo, GEF and PowerBuilder applications.

Use the UI Test perspective in Rational® Functional Tester to test the user interface of HTML 5-based Web applications on the desktop and on mobile devices. In addition, you can manage Selenium Java tests, and create compound tests.

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester

Use Rational® Performance Tester to help you to automate load and scalability testing of web, ERP, Citrix,and server-based software applications. Tests are generated automatically by recording the network traffic that is generated when the client interacts with the application under test running on the server. This network traffic is then emulated on multiple virtual users to create realistic workloads that exercise the key business transactions. Test assets are automatically deployed to as many load generation agents as are needed to achieve the required scalability.

The load generation capacity in Rational® Performance Tester can easily be extended with the Rational® Performance Tester on Cloud Pay per Use service, running on the SoftLayer® public cloud. A similar capability on the VMware private cloud is available as a trial.

IBM® Rational® Integration Tester

Use Rational® Integration Tester to help you create, modify, and run service tests and performance tests against the integration interfaces. You can build tests by recording existing system behaviors or from requirements, by entering the data to send and the data that is expected in return. You can also create virtual services to remove test dependencies and enable earlier testing. These techniques can be built into a continuous delivery pipeline to ensure each component is tested fully prior to delivery.

IBM® Rational® Test Control Panel

Use IBM® Rational® Test Control Panel to help you centralize a repository for virtualized services. With Rational® Test Control Panel, virtualized services that are published with Rational® Integration Tester can be created, shared, and deployed by using environments in Rational® Test Virtualization Server.

Rational® Test Control Panel also contains components that are designed to assist with the testing and virtualization of services that are based on specific technologies. The components enable the recording of services and virtualization with a minimum of client configuration.