Enabling response time breakdown collection

You can enable response time breakdown collection to see how much time is spent in each part of the application as it runs.

Before you begin

To collect response time breakdown, the data collection infrastructure must be installed, configured, and running on all computers that are used in the distributed application under test. To learn how to install and configure the data collection infrastructure, see the Installation guide and Configuring the data collection infrastructure. If you enable response time breakdown collection for a test and the remote computers are not running the data collection infrastructure, the following error is displayed: IWAY0159E The data collection infrastructure does not appear to be running on hostname. Please ensure that it is running and try again.


  1. Open a schedule in the editor.
  2. In the Schedule Element Details area, click the Response Time Breakdown tab.
  3. Select Enable collection of response time data.
    This activates the test list, the location list, and Options.
  4. Click Add.
    • To add a new response time breakdown location, select Add New.
    • To add an existing response time breakdown location, select Add Existing.
    Add locations for every application server from which to collect response time breakdown information.


You have enabled response time breakdown data collection.

What to do next

Set logging detail levels.