Generating a new test from a recorded session

You can generate a new test from a recorded session. For example, if you accidentally damage a test during editing, or if you want to change a test preference, you can regenerate the test instead of re-recording it. If split points were inserted in the recording, you can choose to generate a single test without split points.


To regenerate a complete test from a recording that contains split points:
  1. In the test navigator, select the .recsession file of the test recording to regenerate.
  2. Right-click, and then select Generate Test.
    The Generation Test wizard is displayed.
  3. If the .recsession file is compatible with multiple test types, select the type of test that you want to generate and click Next.
    For example, select HTTP Test to generate an HTTP performance test.
  4. On the Select Location page, select the project and folder where you want to create the test, type a name for the test, and click Next.
    If necessary, click Create Parent Folder buttonCreate the parent folder to create a new performance test project or a folder
  5. If the .recsession file contains split points, on the Options page, select Generate test without split points if you want to regenerate the test as a single test.
  6. Click Finish.


The test is regenerated and opened in the test editor.