Managing the deployment directory for agents

You can choose to delete or keep the deployment directory for agents after schedule execution. By default, Rational® Performance Tester does not delete the deployment directory.

About this task

The deployment directory stores the files that are required for test execution. If you do not delete the deployment directory, the next time that you run a schedule, Rational® Performance Tester only retrieves the test assets that it does not have or that have changed since the last execution. This mechanism reduces the launch time for subsequent test executions.

However, if you have many schedules and the accumulation of files in the deployment directory might create a problem, you can choose to delete the deployment directory on the agent computers. The deletion of the deployment directory depends on the successful completion of a schedule. A schedule execution is deemed successful when all the agents reach a state of inactivity with no active users or when the schedule execution reaches the end of the last stage and then stops.

Note: If the run is stopped manually, the run encounters a severe error, or communication between the agents and workbench stops, the deployment directory is not deleted even if you specify to delete it.


To delete the deployment directory on the agent computers after schedule execution, click Windows > Preferences > Test > Server and select the Delete deployment directory on the agent after execution check box.