Checking the status of agents

Before running a schedule or test, you can check whether the agents are active and connected to the workbench.

Before you begin

Ensure that the Rational® Performance Tester agent is running and points to the correct workbench. When installing the agent, ensure to specify the correct non-secure port number where the workbench listens for the agent. You can view or change the non-secure port number of the current workbench at Windows > Preferences > Test > Server.

About this task

An agent can be in one of the following statuses:
Agent status Description
Ready Majordomo is running on an agent computer and is in regular (default 5 seconds) contact with a workbench.
Busy Agent is participating in the schedule execution.
Lost Contact Agent has not contacted the workbench for the past 10 seconds.
If you want an agent to take direction from more than one workbench, you can share the agent with those workbenches. Also, if you no longer wish for an agent to contact a workbench you can disconnect it.
Note: The majordomo.config file located at installationDir/Majordomo in the Rational® Performance Tester agent computer contains the host name and the port number of the workbench the agent polls for work to do. By default, the agent polls for work at the interval of every 5 seconds.


  1. To check the status of agents, on the toolbar, click Agent Status.
    The Agent Status window lists the agents that are connected to the workbench, the license mode, operating system, architecture, and status of the agents.
  2. To share an agent with other workbenches, in the Agent Status window, select an agent and click Share Agent with New Workbench.
  3. Specify the host name and port number of the new workbench and click OK.
  4. To disconnect an agent from the workbench, select an agent and click Disconnect Agent from this Workbench.
    To disconnect the agent from all the workbenches, you must perform the disconnection from each workbench.