Rate Generator report

Use this report to determine if the transactions run at the rate that you specify.

The report contains three pages. See the description of each of the page.

Rate Generators

State: Status of the run for rate generators. One of the following statuses is displayed:
  • Not started
  • Arriving: At least one user has arrived at the synchronization point.
  • Active: At least one iteration of workload.
  • Inactive: No users or clients are running.

Users or Clients: Number of users or clients in the Arriving or Active state.

Target Rate: Number of iterations specified in Rate Generator or Rate Schedule. The report shows the value in seconds. For example, if the iteration rate is 2 every minute, the Target Rate would show 0.032 per second.

Workloads Started - First time: Time taken for the first workload to start after the test run. The time taken includes the time to create the users or clients, begin the workload, meet at the rate synchronization point, run any iteration delay, and then start the workload.

Workloads Started - Elapsed time: Time taken for the first workload to start and the last workload to end.

Workloads Started: Number of workloads already started at any given point of time during the run. For example, for a target rate of 4 every minute, at the end of one minute, the number of workloads started should be 4. However, it should increment throughout the run based on the target rate. So, at a target rate of 4 every minute and a total duration of 10 minutes, the number of workloads at the end of the run should show Workloads Started = 40 and Workloads Completed = 40.

Workloads Started - Rate: Actual rate achieved for the run. Compare it with the Target Rate to determine the performance of the application.

Percent Target: Comparison of the Target Rate with the Actual Rate (Workloads Started - Rate) to indicate by percentage how close the workload is to reach the specified target rate.

Percent Late - Percent: The percent of workloads in a user group or Rate Runner group that did not begin to run at the specified time.


Use this page to view the number of workloads that did not meet the target rate.


Use this page to view the number of workloads that passed successfully.