Agents Health Report

With the Agents Health Report, you can view the usage data of CPU, Memory, Threads, and JVM Heap for the agent machines involved in the run. The report shows usage data for the Agent Host and Agent Process on the agent machines. By default, the Enable Agent Health Report check box at Window > Preferences > Test > Test Execution is selected. Also, by default, the report opens in the Compare mode. You cannot disable the compare mode.


The CPU usage graph shows the usage data for the Agent Host and Agent processes. Note that the SAP, SOA, and Rational® Integration Tester test extensions runs as external processes on the agent locations and therefore are not counted in the Agent process but are counted in the Agent Host with all others system processes (including the agent).
The Memory usage graph shows the memory consumed by the Agent processes in terms of average and percentage and by the Agent Host. The average memory consumption of the agent is usually very little. Therefore, the graph also displays the memory consumption in terms of percentage. If the CPU and Memory consumption for the agents is high, you can decide to add more locations to the execution of the performance tests.
JVM Heap
The JVM Heap graph shows the percentage of memory used compared to the total memory allocated and the total JVM memory allocated. If the memory used is high, you can decide to increase the JVM Heap size by adding the -Xmx property to the agent location.
Threads Usage graph shows the percentage of threads used for the currently running tasks compared to the maximum of threads that the tool can create. It also shows the number of tasks waiting for the threads to be made available to execute them.