Splitting a test during recording

You can insert split points when you record a test. Split points allow you to generate multiple tests from a single recording that you can replay in a different order with a schedule.


To split a test during recording:
  1. Start recording the test. The Recorder Test Annotations toolbar opens near the top of the screen.
  2. To insert a split point into the recorded test, click the Split point icon Split point button. . The Insert Split Point window is displayed.
  3. Type a name for this section of the test and click OK. You are naming the previous section of the test, not the upcoming section of the test.
    Repeat this step between recorded user actions as needed to split tests.
  4. After you finish performing the user tasks in the client program, stop the recorder. You can do this by closing the client program or by clicking the Stop Stop icon button in the Recorder Control view.
    If you changed the network settings of the client program as described in step 8, you can revert them to the default settings before closing the program.
    The Generate Service Test wizard opens.
  5. On the Destination page, specify the location for the split test or merge the split recordings together:
    • In Location, click Browse to specify the folder where the split tests are generated.
    • Type a Test prefix that will be appended to the name of each split test. Leave blank if you do not want the split test names to have a prefix.
    • In the split test list, mark the split tests that you want to generate. Click Select All to generate all split tests or Unselect All to clear the list.
    • To merge several split tests into a single test, multi-select the tests that you want to merge by holding the Shift key and click the Merge button.
  6. Click Finish.


The tests are generated using the test names that you specified.