Annotating a test during recording

You can add comments, add transactions, or change a page name while you record a test. The advantage of adding these elements during (rather than after) recording is that you can place the annotations in the test exactly where you want. In addition, because annotations are part of the recorded test, they are regenerated when you regenerate the test. You can also insert split points into a test during record.


  1. Start recording the test. The Recorder Test Annotations toolbar opens near the top of the screen.
  2. Click the appropriate icon.
    You can use the Recorder Test Annotations toolbar to add comments, record synchronizations, or take screen captures during the recording.
    • To add a comment to the recorded test, click the Insert comment icon Insert comment icon. You are prompted for a comment.
    • To add a screen capture to the recorded test, click the Capture screen icon Capture screen icon. Screen and window captures make your tests easier to read and help you visualize the recorded test. You can change the settings for screen captures and add a comment to the image.
    • To manually add a synchronization point to the recording, click the Insert synchronization icon Insert synchronization icon.
    • To manually add a transaction folder to the recording, click the Start Transaction icon Start Transaction icon and Stop Transaction icon Stop Transaction icon to start and stop the transaction. Transactions can be nested.
    • To insert a split point into the recorded test, click the Split point icon Split point icon. With split points, you can generate multiple tests from a single recording, which you can replay in a different order with a schedule. See Splitting a test during recording for more information about splitting a test.
    • When recording an HTTP test, to change the page name, click the Change page name icon Change page name icon. In the resulting test, the page element in the test editor uses the new name, however the original name is preserved in the Page Title Verification Point area so that page title verification points still work correctly.
  3. Close the client program to stop the recording.
  4. If you inserted a split point during the recording, on the Destination page, in the Test Generation wizard, specify the location for the split test or merge the split recordings together.


The test is generated with the comments, transactions, and page names that you added.