IBM® Packaging Utility

Use IBM® Packaging Utility software to copy product packages to a repository that can be placed on a web server available over HTTP or HTTPS.

Packaging Utility software is located on the Enterprise Deployment CD for each platform (Windows® and Linux®) that is included with Rational® Functional Tester. If you want to place a repository that contains a Rational® Functional Tester package on a web server that will be available over HTTP or HTTPS, you must use Packaging Utility to copy the product package of Rational® Functional Tester into the repository.

Use this utility to perform the following tasks:
  • Generate a new repository for product packages.
  • Copy product packages to a new repository. You can copy multiple product packages into a single repository, thereby creating a common location for your organization from which product packages can be installed using IBM® Installation Manager.
  • Delete product packages from a repository.

Refer to the online help for Packaging Utility for full instructions using the tool.