Installation terminology

Understanding these terms can help you take full advantage of the installation information and your Rational® Functional Tester.

These terms are used in the installation topics.

Installation directory
The location of product artifacts after the package is installed.
An installable unit of a software product. Software product packages are separately installable units that can operate independently from other packages of that software product.
Package group
A package group is a directory in which different product packages share resources with other packages in the same group. When you install a package using Installation Manager, you can create a new package group or install the packages into an existing package group. (Some packages cannot share a package group, in which case the option to use an existing package group is unavailable.)
A storage area where packages are available for download. A repository can be disc media, a folder on a local hard disk, or a server or web location.
Shared directory
In some instances, product packages can share resources. These resources are located in a directory that the packages share.