Script editor

The simplified script editor displays the test script as English statements that are easy to understand and edit.

All the recorded actions on the test application are displayed as test lines in the simplified script editor.

You can perform the following operations in the simplified script editor:
  • Edit the test line: You can modify the input values of a test line. Click the test line and modify the input values.
  • Enable/Disable action: Use this option to enable or disable the action on the application under test during playback.
  • Delete action (Delete action icon): Use this option to delete the test line from the script editor.
  • Create Group (Create group icon): The test lines in the script editor are grouped based on the parent window that the test line control refers to. Use this option to create more logical groups to manage the test lines for easy identification.
  • Insert Java Code Snippet (Insert Java Code Snippet icon) or Insert Java Method (Insert Java Method icon): Use these controls to switch to Java test script.
  • Insert comments (Insert comments icon): Use this option to insert comments in the script editor.
  • Repeat Actions(Repeat action): Use this option to repeat the actions statements. The selected test lines are grouped into the Repeat group and are executed based on the repeat count during playback.
  • Insert Condition (If Clause) (Insert condition): Use this option to insert conditional statements to verify the values of the variables in the script and perform actions in the application. The test lines in the If Then group are executed if the conditions of the variables are met during playback.
  • Insert Else Clause (Else clause): Use this option insert the Else group and add the test lines that must be executed if the variable conditions are not met during script playback.
  • Undo: Use this option to undo the action that you performed in the simplified script editor.
  • Redo: Use this option to redo the action that you performed in the simplified script editor.

The Java code for the simplified script is displayed in the Java script editor. The simplified script test line is displayed as a comment in the corresponding Java code.

The properties of each test line can be viewed and modified in the Properties View.