Exception dialog box

This dialog box is displayed if an exception occurs during playback of a functional test script.

The Exception dialog box has the following controls:
Displays the reason for the exception.
Try fixing the problem
Select this check box to fix the problem. After you fix the problem, try the operation again. The following controls are enabled:
Start the application
Opens the Start the application dialog box to select and open the application-under-test.
Enable the environment
Opens the Enable Environments dialog box to enable the required environment for testing.
Find the object
Opens the Find the object wizard to select the required object in the application under test. The selected object is used to perform the action when you try the operation again.
Open the object map editor
Opens the object map editor to view and edit the object recognition properties. The updated object recognition properties are used when you try the operation again.
Configure this application
Opens the Application Configuration Tool to edit the application configuration. This option is available if the application is not configured.
Switch to manual mode
This option is displayed for the keyword-enabled functional test scripts that are executed from Manual Tester in hybrid mode. Using this option you can switch the execution from automated to the manual mode.
Retry the operation
Tries the execution of the script a second time.
Skip the operation
Continue to execute the next line of code. The playback log does not display the exception.
Stop execution
Stops the script playback.
Do not show this dialog again
Select this check box to disable the appearance of the exception dialog box while executing the script.