Application View

The Application View displays the application visuals (snapshots) that are captured while recording scripts. The visuals of the test application are captured only if both the simplified scripting and the application visuals feature preferences are enabled.

Rational® Functional Tester captures the application controls and their data and property details during recording if the application visuals, data verification point and data driven commands features are enabled in the Rational® Functional Tester preferences window. With these features enabled, you can create or edit verification points in the script and insert data-driven commands from the application visuals that are displayed in the Application View without opening the test application.

When you click a simplified script test line, the application visual that contains the application control is highlighted in blue and is displayed in the Application View. The Thumbnails pane in the Application View displays the application visuals of all the test scripts in the project that are captured while creating the scripts.

You can modify the test script to test additional application controls, create or edit verification points, or insert data-driven commands by selecting the application controls in the Application View without opening the application under test.

The following controls are available in the Application View toolbar:
  • Hide/Show Comment Hide/Show Comment: The comments that are inserted for an application control in an application visual are displayed in the application view when you point the control.
  • Hide/Show all the visuals Hide/Show all the visuals: The thumbnails view displays all the application visuals in the project if you select Show all the visuals option. By default, the application visuals of the active script are displayed in the thumbnails view.
  • Control Highlight Color Control Highlight Color and Hover Highlight Color Hover Highlight Color. From the View menu, select the color from the palette for changing the control highlight color and the hover highlight color. By default, the control that is referred in the selected test line is highlighted in blue and hover highlight color is red.
Select any control in an application visual. The following right-click menu options for a control is available in the application view:
  • Insert control_name control: To insert the control to the test script from the application visual. The action that can be performed on the selected control is also listed based on the type of the control in the application visual. A statement that specifies the control and the action is added as a test line into the test script.
  • Insert comment: To add a comment for the control. The comment is displayed below the application visual.
  • Insert Verification Point: Use this option to insert a test line to perform a data or an image verification for the control in the application under test during the script playback. This option is available only if the Enable capturing of verification on test data option is selected on the Functional Test Preferences window.
  • Insert Data Driven Commands: To perform a data-driven test for the control by retrieving the input values for the control from the dataset during playback.
  • Update Visual: Update the visual in the application view by selecting the visual from the application under test.