Add Object dialog box

Use this option to add new objects to the object library and specify properties that needs to be added as recognition properties to the test object.

The Add Object dialog box has the following controls:
Class name
Type the class name of the object to add it to the object library if you know the correct test object name.
Select properties from
Lists all the objects that are used in the object library. Select the object from the list to use the recognition properties and its weights in the new object.
Object Finder
Select the Object Finder tool icon and drag it over the object in the application that you want to select. Rational® Functional Tester outlines the object with a highlight border.
Start Application
To start the test application for selecting the objects that you want to add to the object library.
Object Recognition Properties grid
Lists the object recognition properties and weights of the selected object. Select the check box corresponding to the property row to add the recognition property for the test object
Saves the changes and closes the Add Object dialog box.
Cancels all the changes made in the Add Object dialog box.

To open the Add Object dialog box, click Configure > Configure Object Recognition Properties. In the object properties configuration tool, click Add Object to open the Add Object dialog box.