Rational® Functional Tester Script Properties page

Use this page to change your script helper superclass, test dataset, or dataset iteration for an individual script.

Rational® Functional Tester uses a default helper superclass for all the scripts you create in a project. This superclass is listed in the Functional Test Project Properties Page. You can use a different superclass for an individual script by changing it in this Script Properties page.

By default, all Functional Test scripts extend the RationalTestScript class and inherit a number of methods (such as callScript). You can create your own helper superclass to add methods or override the methods from RationalTestScript. Use this properties page to change the default helper superclass for the selected script.

Test Object Map -- Displays either Private to indicate that the script test object map is private or the name of the shared test object map.

Helper Superclass -- Enter the fully qualified class name of your custom helper superclass in this field. Note that your helper superclass must extend RationalTestScript.

If you change your superclass and want to reset it to RationalTestScript, you can either type RationalTestScript in the superclass field or clear the field. Leaving this field blank resets the script so that it uses RationalTestScript.

Test dataset -- Click Browse to change the dataset associated with a script.

dataset Record Selection Order -- Specifies how a test script accesses records in its associated dataset when you play back the test script. Click the dataset Record Selection Order arrow to change the test dataset iterator.

Types of dataset iterators:

  • Sequential -- Makes a test script access records in the dataset in the order that they appear in the dataset. This is the default dataset iterator.

  • Random -- Makes a test script access records in the dataset randomly. A random iterator accesses every record in the dataset once.

To open: In the Projects View, select a script, right-click, and click Properties. Click Functional Test Script.