Message Text Color tab

You use the Message Text Color tab of the Monitor Options dialog box to select the text color for the different types of messages displayed in the Recording Monitor. The colors you select stay in effect until you change them again.


The Message Text Color tab has the following controls:

Select Message Level -- Select the type of message you want to set color for: Error, Warning, or Information.

Apply -- Makes the changes you have indicated without closing the Message Options dialog box.

Choose Text Color for Message Level -- Use any of the three tabs to select the color you want to use for the message:

  • Swatches enables you to click the color you want to use. Recent displays the colors you selected while the dialog box was open.
  • HSB enables you to select a color through its Hue, Saturation, and Brightness levels. The slider affects the hue. The resultant RGB values are also displayed.
  • RGB enables you to enter a value or use a slider to select the levels of red, green, and blue. Values you select in this tab are also displayed in the R, G, and B fields in the HSB tab.

Preview -- Provides examples of the color you selected.

To open: When recording, click the Monitor Message Preferences button Monitor Message Preferences button on the Recording Monitor toolbar and click the Message Text Color tab.