Starting your test applications

When recording tests on your application, it is best to have Rational® Functional Tester start the application during recording. This makes playing back the tests more reliable because the application configuration information is used. Rational® Functional Tester can open specified Java applications, HTML pages in your browser, or run executable applications.


  1. During recording, click Start Application on the Recording toolbar.
    The Start Application dialog box opens.
  2. Click the arrow in the Application Name field to see the list of applications that you can test.
    • Java: Application name - java
    • HTML: Application name - html
    • Executable or batch files Application name - executable
  3. Select the application to open, and click OK.
    The dialog box closes and your application opens.Rational® Functional Tester inserts a test line to start the application.
    Note: You can configure your own applications so that the Application Name list includes the applications and you can start them using this dialog box. You add your applications by clicking the Edit button. For information on editing or adding application information see Configuring Applications for Testing related topic.

    Rational® Functional Tester comes with several sample applications that the Application Name list includes. For example, "ClassicsJavaA - java" is used in the Rational® Functional Tester tutorial.