Search for Java Environments dialog box

The Search for Java Environments dialog box is opened using the Search button in the Java Environments tab of the Enable Environments dialog box (the enabler). It is used to search your hard disk drive(s) for JREs to configure and/or enable them.

For information about the enabler, see the Java Environments tab.

The Search for Java Environments dialog has the following options:

Quick Search can only be used on Windows® systems. It searches the registry for the Java environments, and is quicker than searching your hard disk drive(s).

Search All Drives scans all of your hard disk drives or partitions to locate all the Java environments on your system.

Note: You should not use the Search All Drives option to find JREs on Linux® or UNIX® systems. Instead use the Search In option and browse for the JRE.

Select Search In to browse to a specific disk drive or root directory to search.

After choosing one of the search mechanisms, click the Search button. This returns you to the enabler and fills in the Java Environments list.