Quick Find dialog box

You use the Quick Find dialog box to search a test object map for an object based on the property or value you enter.

The Quick Find dialog box has the following controls:

Enter the string you want to search for or select one from the list. The list contains up to 10 of the most recently used search strings.
Match Case
Select to find only the text that matches the case of the string you entered in the Find field.
Select to search only properties for the text you entered.
Select to search only values for the text you entered.
Select to search properties or values for the text you entered.

When you click OK, Functional Test searches through the test object map for objects that meet the search criteria and highlights the first occurrence. Use the Find: First Find: First button, Find: Previous Find: Previous button, Find: Next Find: Next button, or the Find: Last Find: Last button buttons on the test object map toolbar to navigate between objects that meet the search criterion.

To open: From the test object map menu, select Find > Quick Find or from the test object map toolbar, click the Find: Quick button Find: Quick button.