Preferences dialog box

The Preferences dialog box contains pages that enable you to customize Rational® Functional Tester in a number of different areas, such as settings for time options; colors for the Verification Point Editor, the Verification Point Comparator, and the Object Map Editor; highlight color for test objects; operating system; playback; delays; log; playback monitor; ScriptAssure(TM); recorder; recording monitor; and the workbench.

The Preferences dialog box has the following tabs. Click the tab name below for information about how to use that tab.

Functional Test
Use to easily increase or decrease all Rational® Functional Tester time options.
Use to specify how you want Rational® Functional Tester to emphasize test objects when you select them in applications-under-test. You can specify color, width, speed, and time.
Operating System
Use to indicate values that are operating system-dependent.
Use to indicate settings for Functional Test script playback.
Use to indicate settings for delays during Functional Test script playback. These settings are useful to slow down the rate at which script commands are sent to the operating system.
Use to indicate log viewing and Comparator options.
Use to indicate Playback Monitor settings.
Use the Standard Preferences page to control Rational® Functional Tester's object-matching sensitivity during play back. Advanced users can use the Advanced Preferences page to set thresholds for recognition scores, which Rational® Functional Tester uses when searching for objects during script playback.
Use to indicate options for recording Functional Test scripts.
Use to change colors without going to the Recording Monitor. Preference page buttons reflect the current settings in the Recording Monitor.
UI Color
Use to specify color settings for the Verification Point Editor, Verification Point Comparator, and the Object Map Editor.
Use to indicate how you want the Workbench to behave while playing back, recording, and debugging Functional Test scripts.

To open: Click Window > Preferences and in the left pane expand Functional Test.

Note: To define default settings for ClearCase dialog boxes in Rational® Functional Tester, click Window > Preferences In the left pane, expand Team and click Rational® Functional Tester.