Insert Properties Verification Point Command page

Use to create a Properties verification point for the selected object. The Properties verification point tests the properties in your object when you play back your script. The object name is listed on the page. This verification point tests all properties of the object. You can edit the properties list later if you want to test only some of the properties.

Use the Include Children field to specify whether to include the properties of any child objects. None tests the object only (no children), Immediate tests the object and any immediate children (one level down), and All tests the object plus all of its children down the entire hierarchy.

Under Verification Point Name, accept the suggested default, or type a new name in the box.

Use the Use standard properties option to specify whether to use standard property types. If you are testing Java, all properties are standard. Clear the option only if you are testing HTML and want to test browser-specific properties.

Use the Include Retry Parameters to set a retry time for a verification point during playback to check for its existence. The retry option is useful when playback does not find the verification point in your application. To set a retry time, either use the default or set your own time. Maximum Retry Time is the maximum number of seconds Rational® Functional Tester tries again for the verification point to be shown in your application during playback. Retry Interval is the number of seconds between times that Rational® Functional Tester will check for the verification point during the wait period.

When you select Include Retry Parameters, Rational® Functional Tester checks for the existence of the verification point in your application every 2 seconds, for up to 20 seconds. To set your own time, clear the default fields and provide your own values for Maximum Retry Time and Retry Interval. When you click Finish, the retry for verification point is written into your script and occurs on future playbacks.

Note: When you insert a Properties verification point without recording, the Include Retry Parameters option does not appear on the Insert Properties Verification Point Command page.

To proceed with the verification point, click Next. For more information, see Creating a Properties Verification Point.

Note: If your object has no properties, this page is disabled.