Highlight page

You use the Highlight page to specify how you want Rational® Functional Tester to emphasize test objects in applications-under-test when you select them in a test object map or in the Script Explorer. These settings also control how Rational® Functional Tester highlights objects you select with the Verification Point and Action Wizard and the Insert a GUI Object into the Object Map dialog box.

You can also change these settings in the test object map by clicking Preferences > Highlight on the test object map menu.

The Highlight page has the following controls:

Click to display a color selection palette from which you can select a color to use to indicate selected test objects. The button displays the color currently in use.
Border Width (in pixels)
Move the slider from Thin to Wide to set the width of the border around the selected object.
Flash Speed
Move the slider from Slow to Fast to set the rate at which the border around a selected object flashes when selected.
Display Time
Move the slider from Short to Long to set the length of time to highlight the border.
Restore Defaults
Restores the default values on this page.
Saves your changes without closing the dialog box.

To open: Click Window > Preferences. In the left pane, expand Functional Test and click Highlight.

To open: Click Tools > Options. In the left pane, expand Functional Test and click Highlight.