Monitor Options tab

You use the Monitor Options tab of the Monitor Options dialog box to add a time stamp to messages in the Recording Monitor and to indicate the types of messages you want displayed there. You can also turn off the recording instructions automatically displayed at the top of the monitor window.

  • You can also set preferences for the Record Monitor in the Recorder: Monitor tab of the Preferences dialog box.
  • Changes in the Monitor Options dialog box affect your user profile only.

The Monitor Options tab has the following controls:

Show Getting Started Help
When selected, displays instructions on how to record a script using the buttons on the Recording toolbar at the top of the monitor window. The default is to display the Getting Started Help. If unchecked, the Getting Started Help does not display.
Include time stamp in the message
When selected, includes a time stamp, with the format hh:mm:ss, for each entry in the Recording Monitor. This option is off by default. When on, each message begins with the time stamp of when that action took place. The message goes out to seconds.
Select message types to be displayed
Select the messages you want to display in the Recording Monitor:
  • Error
  • Error, Warning
  • Error, Warning, Information (default)

To open: When recording, click the Monitor Message Preferences button Monitor Message Preferences button on the Recording Monitor toolbar and click the Monitor Options tab.