Eclipse Platforms tab of the Enable Environments dialog box

You must enable the Eclipse platform for testing before recording scripts for testing Eclipse-based applications.

Eclipse Platform tab

This tab has the following fields:
Eclipse Platforms
Displays the list of Eclipse platforms that the enabler locates on your hard disk drive(s). This list is populated when you click the Search button. After the name, the enabler indicates in parentheses whether that platform is currently enabled.
Select All
To select all the platforms that are listed in the Eclipse Platforms list. This is useful if you want to enable or disable all the platforms. To clear them all, click any of the individual platform
Click Search to specify the search options for Rational® Functional Tester to search the location in the computer for Eclipse platforms.
Click Add to locate platforms individually. The selected platform is added to the Eclipse Platforms list. The main use of Add would be if you only want to browse to one specific platform instead of searching. You can also use the Search In option in the Search for Eclipse Platform dialog box to locate an individual platform.
If you want to remove a platform from the list, select it and click Remove.
Use this option to enable the selected platforms for testing with Rational® Functional Tester. Select the platform from the list and click Enable.
Use this option to disable selected platforms for testing with Rational® Functional Tester.
Detailed Information for Platform
Contains the following fields:
This is the name of the directory that contains the Eclipse directory. You can edit this name.
This is the full path to the platform installation.
Gef Support
Select the Gef Support check box to use Rational® Functional Tester to test the functionality of GEF objects that are implemented using standard and non-standard GEF editors.