Create a New Test Object Map wizard

You use the Create a New Test Object Map wizard to create a customized, shared test object map that you can associate with scripts. Shared test object maps have the extension .rftmap.

The first page of the Create a New Test Object Map wizard has the following controls:

Enter or select the folder
Use the navigation tools ( Home Home button, Back Back button, and Go Into Go Into) to select the appropriate path to the project you want to use.
Map Name
Enter the name you want to use for the new test object map. Rational® Functional Tester appends the .rftmap extension to the name.
Add the map to ClearCase
When selected, adds the test object map to Source Control (ClearCase®), but keeps it checked out so that you can continue modifying it.
Set this Test Object Map as default choice for new scripts
Automatically highlights the script name and indicates the test object map as the default in the Projects view.
Displays the Copy Test Objects to New Test Object Map page, which enables you to create a new empty test object map or to base the map on one or more other object maps for an existing script.
Creates a default test object map.
Closes the Create a New Map wizard without creating a new test object map.

To open: In the product menu, click File > New > Test Object Map. In the product toolbar, click the Create a Test Object Map button Create a Test Object Map.