Rational® Functional Tester Show Checkouts View

You can use the Functional Test Show Checkouts View to list checked-out elements in one or more projects.

By default, the Functional Test Show Checkouts view lists the elements you have checked out in the current directory and in the current view.

Note: The status bar in the Rational® Functional Tester Perspective displays the project or projects you selected to search for checked-out elements.
Displays the file type of each checked-out element. The icons for the file types are:
Icon Description
Java Class Files Java class files
Object Map Object map
Test Script Test script
Rational Functional Tester Script Template Files Functional Test script template files
Element Name
Displays the name of the checked-out element. If an element is in a folder, the folder appears as <foldername>.<filename>. For example, Myfolder.myfile.
Rational® Functional Tester Project
Displays the name of the project that contains a checked-out element. Click X to close the Show Checkouts View.

To open: In the Projects view, right-click one or more projects, and then click Team > Show Checkouts.