Add Application dialog box

The Add Application dialog box is opened using the Add button in the Application Configuration Tool. It is used to add application configurations. When recording tests on your application, it is best to have Rational® Functional Tester open the application during recording. This makes playing back the tests more reliable. You use the Application Configuration Tool to add and configure your own applications for testing and starting with Rational® Functional Tester.

Select Application Type

In this first tab, select the type of application you are adding, and click Next.


In this second tab, click Browse to locate the application file.

  • If it is a Java application, select the .class or .jar file of the Java application you want to add.
  • For an HTML application, select either Local or URL. If Local, browse to an .htm or .html file. If URL, enter the URL address.
  • For a VB.NET or Windows® application, browse to an executable or batch file.

After selecting any file type, click Finish.