Upgrading Rational® Test Workbench

When a new version of IBM® Rational® Test Workbench is available, you can upgrade your existing software installation to the new version. You might also be required to migrate your data to the new version.

Before you begin

Before you upgrade any software, read the release notes for the release to learn about any conditions or requirements for the upgrade. In general, you can upgrade from earlier versions of the software to the most recent version without having to uninstall the software.

You cannot upgrade IBM® Rational® Performance Tester and IBM® Rational® Functional Tester to the current major version. All earlier versions of the product must be uninstalled before installing the current version.

No direct upgrade paths to the current major version are supported. To upgrade Rational® Integration Tester and Rational® Test Control Panel packages to the current major version, uninstall any previously installed version and install the current version. For install instructions, see Installing the product software.

If you upgrade from a previous version of Rational® Test Control Panel, all communications with the software by default use HTTP on port 7819. To use HTTPS by default during the upgrade of the Rational® Test Control Panel software, you must use the Install option in IBM® Installation Manager and click Check for Other Versions, Fixes, and Extensions in the Install Packages dialog; otherwise, you continue to use HTTP on port 7819. You can change the port number and enable HTTPS even after the installation. For details, see Configuring the server HTTP Endpoint.

When you upgrade, or uninstall an older version to move to a newer version (when the upgrade is not applicable), the customized trust stores that are located at Rational Test Control Panel installation location\usr\servers\defaultServer\resources\security, if any, are removed. Hence, before uninstalling or upgrading a version, create a backup copy of the trust stores.