Testing the migrated Postman collections

You can migrate Postman collections and environments that you created in Postman to Rational® Integration Tester. Operations, transports, tests and stubs are automatically created during migration and you can run the tests and stubs in Rational® Integration Tester.


Postman is an open-source collaboration platform for API development. The platform helps to build and test APIs. The features in Postman simplify the steps for building an API and streamline the collaboration so you can create better APIs faster.

The Postman tests are grouped under an entity called Collection and a collection can have another collection as a child. Each collection can have folders and subfolders.

A Request is an entity for a REST API call. Each request can have multiple assertions that are written in the Chai BDD language and each assertion is a test in Postman.

Chai JavaScript language is the default scripting language for assert actions in Rational® Integration Tester, see Chai scripting language.

For more information about Postman, refer to the Postman documentation.

You can find information about how the Postman resources are migrated to the corresponding resources in Rational® Integration Tester in Postman resources migration.