Adding Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL drivers

Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL drivers are not supplied with Rational® Test Control Panel. If you want to use SQL Server or MySQL with Rational® Test Control Panel, you must copy the SQL Server or MySQL drivers to the Rational® Test Control Panel installation directory.

To add the database drivers:
  1. Copy the drivers to the appropriate library location based on the product version that you are using.
    • Version 8.5.0 and earlier: Copy to RTCP_installation_directory\webapps\RTCP\WEB-INF\lib
    • Version 8.5.1 to 9.1.0: Copy to RTCP_installation_directory\usr\servers\defaultServer\apps\RTCP.war\WEB-INF\lib
    • Version 9.1.0 and later: Copy to RTCP_installation_directory\usr\servers\defaultServer\apps\RTCP.war\WEB-INF\lib
  2. Restart Rational® Test Control Panel.