Administering Rational® Test Control Panel

IBM® Rational® Test Control Panel is a server-based web application providing a central repository for virtualized services. The Rational® Test Control Panel allows you to use virtual services published with Rational® Integration Tester to create, share, and deploy virtualized test environments in IBM® Rational® Test Virtualization Server.

Functional overview

Rational® Test Virtualization Server stubs designed in Rational® Integration Tester are published to the Rational® Test Control Panel, which holds them in a repository. Rational® Test Control Panel users can control stubs by means of web pages; and Rational® Test Control Panel also manages the Rational® Test Virtualization Server environment so that, where possible, messages are routed automatically to the stubs. (For more information about stubs, refer to Rational Test Virtualization Server overview.)

Rational® Test Control Panel also enables you to schedule the execution of test suites on a single schedule basis or a recurring schedule basis.

In Rational® Test Control Panel V9.2.1 or later, the way in which stubs are managed and controlled is significantly different from earlier versions. For more information, see Server-based stubs.

Technical overview

The following diagram shows how Rational® Test Control Panel might be deployed in a Rational® Test Virtualization Server Environment.

Rational Test Control Panel deployment in Rational Test Virtualization Server Environment