Platform considerations for Rational® Integration Tester

You can ensure that you know about any platform limitations that you might encounter with this application.

Internet Protocol IPv4 and IPv6

Rational® Integration Tester, Rational® Integration Tester Agent, and Rational® Test Control Panel can operate in both IPv4 and IPv6 environments.

Product components can be set to run in either of the following operating modes:
  • For Rational® Test Control Panel set the Networking option during installation. For more details, see Networking considerations.
  • For Rational® Integration Tester or its Agent, set the Networking option in the library manager. For more details, see Working with Library Manager.

IP literal address

Consider these points when using IP literal address:
  • Use of IPv6 literal addresses in HTTP URLs is defined by Internet Standard RFC 2732
  • Database URL formats are specific to the JDBC Driver provider. See provider specific documentation on how to define the Database URL when using IP literal addresses, though here are some typical values of Database URL for the IBM® Db2® universal JDBC driver:
    • Standard server name - jdbc:db2://
    • IPv4 literal address - jdbc:db2://
    • IPv6 literal address - jdbc:db2://[fe80::20c:29ff:feea:1361]:50000/DB