These tutorials are made up of browse sequences. Those interested in Ada, C and C++ are asked to follow the track labeled with those languages. You are welcome to complete both tracks, of course, but each has been designed to be finished in its entirety - that is, perform the entire Java tutorial track before initiating the track for Ada, C and C++, and vice versa. Keep in mind that though there are some feature differences between the support for Ada, C, and C++, the majority of product features are the same. More experienced users who are interested in adapting the product to suit a particular development environment should follow the TDP tutorial.

Note For those interested specifically in Ada - The C, C++ and Ada track uses a pure C/C++ example. Ada support consists of component testing and code coverage analysis; a discussion of C language support for these two features should be considered equivalent to a discussion of Ada support. In addition, some of the Example projects shipped specifically with Rational® Test RealTime contain Ada code, giving you the opportunity to hone your skills for component testing.

Follow the lessons in order; this may take you 4 to 5 hours, depending on your prior knowledge of the Rational® Test RealTime feature-set and on your comfort level with software development.

Occasionally, further practice will be suggested - additional use of the tools to be performed outside of this Tutorial. You can follow the Further Practice links on the corresponding pages.

To navigate through the browse sequences:

  • On Windows: Click the browse sequence pages at the top of the online Help viewer.

  • Other platforms: Use the Next Page and Previous Page links on each page.

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Additional Information

While it is the objective of this tutorial to prepare you for the use of Rational® Test RealTime, occasions will arise when you have questions beyond its scope. Be sure to take advantage of the online Help, which is designed to address all issues associated with the testing and runtime analysis of embedded software using Rational® Test RealTime.