Setting Environment Variables

The command line interface (CLI) tools require several environment variables to be set.

These variables determine, for example, the Target Deployment Port (TDP) that you are going to use. The available TDPs are located in the product installation directory, under targets. Each TDP is contained in its own sub-directory.

Prior to running any of the CLI tools, the following environment variables must be set:

  • TESTRTDIR indicates the installation directory of the product

  • ATLTGT and ATUTGT specify the location of the current TDP: $TESTRTDIR/targets/ <tdp>, where <tdp> is the name of the TDP.

  • PATH must include an entry to $TESTRTDIR/bin/ <platform> / <os>, where <platform> is the hardware platform and <os> is the current operating system.

You must also add the product installation bin directory to your PATH.

Note Some command-line tools may require additional environment variables. See the pages dedicated to each command in Reference section of the help.

Most of these environment variables are set during installation of the product. Under Linux, use the script to set these variables. See the Reference section for more information about these scripts.

Automated Testing

If you are using Component Testing or System Testing features, the following additional environment variables must be set:

  • ATUDIRfor Component Testing, points to$TESTRTDIR/lib

  • ATS_DIR, for System Testing, points to$TESTRTDIR/bin/ <platform> / <os>, where<platform>is the hardware platform and<os>is the current operating system.

Library Paths

UNIX platforms require the following additional environment variable:

  • On Solaris and Linux platforms: LD_LIBRARY_PATHpoints to$TESTRTDIR/lib/ <platform> / <os>

  • On HP-UX platforms:SHLIB_PATHpoints to$TESTRTDIR/lib/ <platform> / <os>

  • On AIX platforms: LIB_PATH points to $TESTRTDIR/lib/ <platform> / <os>

where <platform> is the hardware platform and <os> is the current operating system.


The following example shows how to set these variables for Rational® Test RealTime with a sh shell on a Suse Linux system. The selected Target Deployment Port is clinuxgnu .

TESTRTDIR=/opt/Rational® Test RealTime/TestRealTime.v2002R2









export ATCDIR

export ATUDIR

export ATS_DIR

export ATLTGT

export ATUTGT


export PATH