Rational® Test RealTime preferences in Eclipse

Rational® Test RealTime

for Eclipse CDT

The Rational® Test RealTime preferences in the Eclipse workbench allow you to configure settings for Rational® Test RealTime in Eclipse.

Rational® Test RealTime preferences

The Rational® Test RealTime preferences allow you to change the following settings:

  • Binary Directory: Specifies the directory where Rational® Test RealTime binaries are located.

  • Default TDP: Specifies the default TDP that will be used in the Default.settings configuration when you enable Rational® Test RealTime in a C or C++ project.

  • Verbose Mode: Enables detailed information of Rational® Test RealTime components in the console during execution.

  • Delete intermediate files: Select this option to automatically delete previous intermediate files each time you run a test.

Results Editor preferences

The Results Editor preferences allow you to change the appearance of your Test and Runtime Analysis reports in Eclipse.

These preferences are identical to the corresponding preferences in the Rational® Test RealTime user interface.

  • Styles: This list allows you to select one or several styles that you want to change. To change several styles at the same time, you can perform multiple selections in the style list.

  • Font: This allows you to change the font type and size for the selected style.

  • Text Color: This allows you to change the foreground and background colors for the selected style. This opens a standard color palette.

  • Text Attributes: This allows you to set the selected style to Bold, Italic, Underlined or Dashed.

To access the Rational® Test RealTime preferences in Eclipse:

  1. In Eclipse, select Window > Preferences.

  2. Rational® Test RealTime

    In the Preferences window, expand Rational® Test RealTime.

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