Development environments

IBM® Rational® Test RealTime supports multiple development environments thanks to its Target Deployment Port (TDP) technology.

The following aspects of the development environments are considered:
  • Compiler & linker used to compile the generated tests and link them with the code under test, or to compile and link the instrumented code.
  • Target used to execute the tests. These targets can be a laptop itself (case of TDP with native compilers), a simulator, an emulator or an electronic board.

The multiple Target Deployment Ports that are provided in IBM® Rational® Test RealTime can be used as they are or modified to adapt them to a new environment.

Non-exhaustive list of supported compilers/linkers:
  • C/C++ languages:
    • gcc (tested until version 11.2)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio (tested with versions 2010 to 2019)
    • Codewarrior
    • gcc ARM
    • Mirotec
    • Keil
    • DiabData
    • Texas Instruments
    • Microsoft eMbedded Visual
    • HighTec TriCore
    • GreenHills IAR
  • Ada language:
    • gnat
    • Rational Apex
  • Targets:
    • winIDEA
    • Hiwave simulator
    • OpenODC
    • jTag
    • gdb
    • MPLAB
    • Code Composer
    • QNX
    • Windows CE simulator
    • Single Step
    • IAR C-SPY
    • Lauterbach Trace32
    • Tornado (VxWorks)
Note: Some specific versions of compilers can include additional packages that might require a TDP customization.

IBM® Rational® Test RealTime integrates the EDG parser for C and C++ version 6.1. The EDG parser supports almost all the C++17 and C++20 features.