Support for Microsoft Visual Studio

If you plan to use Rational® Test RealTime on Windows with Microsoft Visual Studio you must install Visual Studio and execute it at least once before installing Rational® Test RealTime in order to correctly initialize the Windows registry database.

About this task

If you omitted to run Visual Studio before installing Rational® Test RealTime, the installation produces an error message. In this case, proceed with the installation and then execute the following steps.


To enable support of Microsoft Visual Studio after installation:
  1. Run and close Visual Studio at least once.
  2. Open a Windows Explorer and browse to the following directory:
  3. Double-click the cvisual6.xdp (for Visual 6.0) or cvisual7.xdp (for Visual .NET), or cvisual8.xdp (for Visual 2005). This opens the Target Deployment Port (TDP) in the Target Deployment Port Editor.
  4. Save the TDP to regenerate the TDP directory.