Installation Manager overview

IBM® Installation Manager is a program for installing, updating, and modifying packages. It helps you manage the applications, or packages, that it installs on your computer. Installation Manager does more than install packages: It helps you keep track of what you have installed, determine what is available for you to install, and organize installation directories.

Installation Manager provides tools that help you keep packages up to date, modify packages, manage the licenses for your packages, and uninstall packages.

You can download the most recent version of Installation Manager from Installation Manager downloads. Installation Manager is required to install each IBM product. You will need to create an account on before you can download the software.

Installation Manager includes six wizards that make it easy to maintain packages:

  • The Install wizard walks you through the installation process. You can install a package by simply accepting the defaults or you can modify the default settings to create a custom installation. Before you install, you get a complete summary of your selections throughout the wizard. Using the wizard you can install one or more packages at one time.
  • The Update wizard searches for available updates to packages that you have installed. An update might be a released fix, a new feature, or a new version of the product. Details of the contents of the update are provided in the wizard. You can choose whether to apply an update.
  • The Modify wizard helps you modify certain elements of a package that you have already installed. During the first installation of the package, you select the features that you want to install. Later, if you require other features, you can use the modify packages wizard to add them to your package. You can also remove features and add or remove languages.
  • The Roll Back wizard helps you to revert to a previous version of a package.
  • The Uninstall wizard removes a package from your computer. You can uninstall more than one package at a time.

For more information about Installation Manager, visit the Installation Manager help.