Managing sources

After you add and connect monitoring sources to your project, you might want to modify the sources in you project and the configuration of the sources.

Before you begin

You must be a project owner or team space owner to add or delete sources.

About this task

In the page where you can view the resource monitoring usage data and metrics, you can also manage your sources. You can modify or delete a source, add or change statistic counters, add labels to identify the sources and use them when you execute a test to collect resource monitoring results.


  1. Click Infrastructure > Resource Monitoring in the navigation pane.
    If you have sources and agents in your project, you can see the cards with the number of available sources and agents in your project.
  2. Click a link in the card of available sources to open a list of sources.
  3. Perform any of the following actions for a monitoring source:
    • Click the Delete icon image of delete icon to delete the monitoring source and click Delete to confirm the deletion in the dialog box.

      The source is removed from the list of sources.

    • Click the Edit icon image of Edit icon to change the target host settings.

      You can change the target host address, the port, the path to the server status page and the security parameters.

    • Click the Selection icon image of selection icon to select additional counters or change the selected counters for other ones. The changes are reflected in the resource monitoring usage data graph.
    • Click plus sign you must click to add a label to add a label to identify the source.
    • Click Add a source to add a source to your project from the list of sources.