Extending the trusted CA list on Windows systems

Rational® Test Automation Server trusts the certificates signed by a recognized Certified Authority (CA). When you have any additional CAs, you must extend the trusted certificates list by using an environment variable on Windows systems.

Before you begin

You must have saved the CA assigned to Rational® Test Automation Server.
Note: You can contact the administrator of Rational® Test Automation Server if you do not have a copy of the CA.


  1. Right-click the Windows icon from the Windows taskbar, and then click System.
  2. Click Advanced system settings from the Related setting section.
  3. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Environment Variables.
  4. Click New from the System variables section.
  5. Enter NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS in the Variable name field.
  6. Enter the path of the downloaded CA with the file extension in the Variable value field.

    For example, if you stored the ca-master.crt CA in the C:\Users\Desktop\cert location, then enter the Variable value field as C:\Users\Desktop\cert\ca-master.crt

  7. Click OK.


You have extended the trusted CA certificates list on Windows systems.