IBM® Rational® Test Automation Server overview

IBM® Rational® Test Automation Server brings together test data, test environments, and test runs and reports into a single, web-based browser for testers and non-testers.

IBM® Rational® Test Automation Server provides the following capabilities:
Web-based continuous testing platform
Rational® Test Automation Server is a web-based continuous testing platform built on modern, cloud native technologies that enables test teams to run a breadth of tests that includes API, functional, and performance tests and to benefit from a holistic view of test progress. Rational® Test Automation Server is built on Docker for easy deployment. You can scale your testing on the cloud or remote on premise systems with native Docker, Kubernetes, and IBM® Red Hat OpenShift support.
Role-based access and security
Security is a key concern for IBM clients and therefore, Rational® Test Automation Server brings a comprehensive, role-based access control scheme to the server with project owners assigning key permissions (by using roles) for specific members, for example managing test data or working with secrets such as passwords.
Running of tests from the server by using Docker containers
Server-based running of tests is the starting point for Rational® Test Automation Server. For members of a project with the appropriate role, Rational® Test Automation Server enables direct running of tests from the browser by using transient Docker containers.
Connected agents for existing performance agents
Agent owners can connect existing performance agents to the server and add them to a project for running schedules and Accelerated Functional Testing (AFT) Suites on the current infrastructure.
Project overview statistics
The Overview page for Rational® Test Automation Server offers you a quick, simple view on the state of testing for your projects.
Project home page
The home page lists your projects and other projects, which makes it easy to manage different projects within an organization.
Reporting and the Resource Monitoring Service
Rational® Test Automation Server provides the home for capabilities that previously were hosted on Rational® Test Control Panel. Reporting and the Resource Monitoring Service are in Rational® Test Automation Server and provide a more direct relationship with their related projects. These capabilities also benefit from the project level, role-based access controls. You can view unified test results to help you make informed business decisions.
Test data authoring
Beyond the concept of a project held in a Git repository for a simple location of tests and related assets, you can do full concurrent editing of test data sets directly from Rational® Test Automation Server. This true multiuser capability enables team members to collaborate more easily as well as try out data changes without impacting the rest of the team. When satisfied with the results, team members can push their changes.
Integration with DevOps tools
You can integrate Rational® Test Automation Server with various popular DevOps tools like Jenkins, UrbanCode Deploy or Microsoft Azure DevOps to get more value from your DevOps pipelines. You can use UrbanCode Deploy to define a deployment process that automatically triggers test cases and have those test insights available directly within IBM® UrbanCode Velocity. With the Microsoft Azure DevOps integration, you can also define a Azure DevOps pipeline that includes direct execution of tests by using the Rational® Test Automation Server scalable infrastructure. Rational® Test Automation Server also integrates with Jira for defect tracking and GitHub for software source management and version control.